3 Ways An Unclean Office Impacts On Your Business

When you run a busy office that's bustling with activity and has people coming and going throughout the day it can get messy quickly. Cleanliness issues tend to go hand-in-hand with mess, as it's difficult to keep surfaces clean when you can't reach them. If you don't have a regular cleaning schedule in place and a system for keeping the office organised and staff accountable for their own areas, your business can suffer the consequences. Here are three ways an unclean office can impact on your business.

First Impressions

If clients or partner organisations come to your office for meetings, part of the impression they form of you as a business will come from the physical appearance of your office. Would you have faith in the ability of a business that can't keep their office clean? Meeting rooms, kitchen facilities and toilets need to be cleaned at least a couple of times a week to ensure your office is always presentable for visitors.

Staff Sickness

Sickness can spread through an office quickly when surfaces and bins aren't being cleaned on a daily basis. Bacteria can live on surfaces, such as shared phones, keyboards and taps, for 24 hours, and bins overflowing with used tissues can allow airborne viruses to spread between staff. This can increase sickness rates, but working in an unclean environment can also impact employees' mental health. Daily cleaning of high-traffic areas can lessen the spread of germs through the office and let staff know you value them enough to provide a hygienic work environment. If you do find your office in the grip of fast-spreading sickness, consider scheduling a deep clean and increasing the frequency that common areas are cleaned during the sickness period.

Expense Of Misplaced Items

Clutter, such as stacks of papers or boxes of excess stock, can make it difficult to keep track of office supplies. If you have cupboards that you can't get into or drawers overflowing with paperwork, it's easy to misplace stationery, kitchen equipment and bathroom supplies. Aside from the expense of buying replacement items when you have lost track of what you have on hand, disorganised and cluttered areas generally aren't being kept clean and can be a breeding ground for a variety of bugs and mould. Considering hiring a company to declutter and deep clean your problem areas before implementing an upkeep schedule.

If your office isn't looking as clean and professional as you'd like it to, consult with a commercial cleaning company. Cleaners offer a range of packages to suit every budget, or you can create your own bespoke cleaning package with them. Once you take the potential costs of an unclean office into consideration, you will see that keeping your office clean is an investment that's worth making.