Why Have Your Office Carpet Cleaned Professionally?

Some office managers will rely on their cleaning contractor to vacuum clean their workplace's carpet for them a few times a week. Indeed, some will even undertake this basic maintenance themselves if they have no commercial cleaning contract in place and rely on more casual forms of labour instead. However, vacuum cleaning carpets alone isn't sufficient to maintain them properly. This is particularly so when it comes to office carpets which tend to take more punishment than other types even though they're designed to be hard-wearing. Why should office managers book professional carpet cleaning operatives once or twice a year? Read on to find out.

Extend The Life Of Your Carpet

Typically, carpets that are professionally cleaned will not just look better after a treatment but will last longer, as well. When you are trying to get the best out of all of your business assets, maintaining them properly is often the key thing to get right. As such, professional carpet cleaning can put off the day when you have to go to the more considerable expense of replacing your office carpet.

Remove Stains And Ground-In Grime

Spillages are commonplace in all workplaces from leaking toner cartridges to upturned mugs of tea. When there is a stain, it will soon spread if people tread on it, often leaving walkways looking mucky. Therefore, booking carpet cleaning services that specialise in stain removal is a good idea. They'll also help you deal with ground-in dirt in areas of heavy footfall, such as around photocopiers and reception areas, for example.

Keep The Workplace Healthy

Cleaning carpets is not all about maintaining the looks of your office. It will also help to deal with the more serious issue of employee health. When carpet cleaning is done, typically over a weekend when the office won't be manned, it will help to get rid of microbial dirt and bacterial deposits. As such, office workers will be able to enjoy a healthier environment and you could even see fewer days lost to sickness than you do at present. That's great if you want to improve your workplace's productivity, of course.

Improve Employee Well-Being

Another aspect of having clean carpets and a generally better-maintained workplace is that it makes employees feel more valued. Conversely, if where they work is run down and grubby from years of staining and grime, they will often feel undervalued. In turn, this can lead to greater staff churn and its associated business costs.