2 Advantages of Steam Cleaning Your Home's Carpets over Shampooing Them

If you have noticed that your carpet is a bit dirty and has even started to smell, you may be thinking about cleaning it. However, after researching a few cleaning methods, you may be uncertain as to which one to use.

While shampooing your carpets can get them clean, especially if they are heavily stained, another option you may choose is steam cleaning. There are a couple of advantages to having your home's carpets steam cleaned instead of shampooing them.

1.  Steam Cleaning Uses No Chemicals, Only Water

One advantage that steaming carpets has over shampooing them is that it only uses water during the cleaning process. With shampooing, you must mix the water with cleaning solutions. Depending on the type of solution that you choose, these chemicals can be rather toxic. Not only are these toxic chemicals bad for the environment, but they leave a residue on your carpets that could irritate skin or cause problems for young children and pets.

However, with steam cleaning, the water is heated to the point of evaporation, and the steam itself acts as the cleaning agent. Once dried, there is no leftover residue, and you do not need to dispose of chemical-laden water.

2.  Steaming Carpets Helps to Kill Germs, Fleas and Their Eggs

Another advantage over shampooing that steaming offers is that it does more than simply cleaning away the dirt. If your carpets smell bad, there may be germs growing inside the fibres. And, if you have pets, fleas may be living in the carpet where they also lay their eggs.  

Because of the intense heat provided by the steam, this cleaning method kills the germs causing the odours. Besides also killing the fleas infesting the carpets, steaming also has a high enough temperature to kill the eggs that the pests have left behind as well.

If you wish to clean your carpets using a method that will kill germs and fleas and won't use cleaners that expose your family and the environment to potentially toxic chemicals, consider choosing steam cleaning instead of shampooing. However, since steaming a carpet takes a certain level of expertise, you should not attempt to do the job yourself. Instead, contact a service in your area that offers carpet steam cleaning services to discuss your options for having them send someone to your home to do it for you. Contact a company like Springfresh Carpet Cleaning for more information.