Benefits of Choosing Medical Grade Commercial Cleaning for Massage Studios

As a massage therapist, you may have times when there is a significant increase in clients, but also an increase in the need for deeper cleaning at the end of the day. This can be due to widespread illnesses in the area or during high-stress seasons such as the holidays. For those reasons, you should consider medical-grade level commercial cleaning services. Here are some of the benefits of this cleaning and what to know about each.

Bacteria Removal

The truth is, any commercial cleaning service will be removing bacteria during the cleaning process. However, they may not clean the deeper surface areas that massage therapy clients will come in contact with. For example, a massage table usually has a headrest of some kind. These headrests can have nooks and smaller areas that trap the bacteria or perspiration from the client. A medical-grade deep cleaning will not only clean these areas but also use a cleaning agent that will get into these areas and ensure the bacteria is removed.

Working Surface Sanitation

You may think about having the obvious massage table or chairs detailed for sanitation. What you may not think of is having medical grade sanitation used on the countertops and other working surfaces. Keep in mind, not only are any massage tools coming in contact with the client and the working surface, clothing and other items that belong to the client may also be in contact with these surfaces. Sanitation is vital in these areas to ensure that whatever bacteria or organisms that are brought in by one client do not pass on to another, causing illness. 

Keep in mind the cleaning solutions used for traditional commercial cleaning may be different than the sanitation minded cleaning solutions used in medical offices. This is the main difference to keep in mind if you are considering upgrading to a medical office cleaning rather than traditional commercial cleaning you may already have.

Dispenser Cleaning

An area of your massage studio you may not consider is the dispensers you use. These dispensers can be oil bottles, wall dispensers for bottles and sanitation foams, or other similar lotions or oils. The dispensers are touched by you and your therapists and can become clogged. The clogging will attract and trap bacteria, which can then transfer to you and ultimately to your clients. The medical commercial cleaning service option will clean these areas to ensure they are ready for the next day of clients and fresh for use. 

These are just a few of the benefits to using medical-grade commercial cleaning options from your commercial cleaning service. If your service does not offer medical office cleaning or medical cleaning services, ask about the services that may be close to a medical-grade clean. The commercial service can discuss your options, fees, and answer questions during a consultation. Contact a local commercial cleaning service today for more information.