Two tips for those who have just purchased premises with unruly, dirty gardens

If the commercial property you've just bought has an extremely messy garden, here are some tips for sorting out this section of your new property.

Use a cleaning company's commercial lawn services

Whipping an unruly lawn that has been ignored for many months back into shape is a very time-consuming task. When left to grow for too long, lawns will not only develop very long grass blades but can also become overrun with a wide variety of vegetation, including weeds with very tough root systems. As such, tidying up the lawn area of your premises might not be a matter of simply mowing the grass but instead might require a lot of manual weeding, the removal of loose debris and the manual trimming of excessively tall grass (in preparation for mowing). Only after all of this excess vegetation has been cleared away and the lawn has been trimmed will you be able to start washing down the paths and other garden features that are hidden amongst this overgrown mess.

Rather than doing this yourself, you should use the commercial lawn services of a cleaning company. The reason for this is that getting your business set up in a new place can involve a lot of logistical and administrative issues that take time to sort out. If you try to deal with the premises' unruly lawn and garden features yourself during those first few crucial days in the new premises, the opening of your enterprise in this location might be delayed due to your failure to properly oversee and manage things like, for example, the arrival of your business equipment or the setting up of your employees' work stations. By getting a cleaning company with commercial lawn management experience to tidy the lawn and pressure-wash the garden's features, you can prioritise the launching of your enterprise in this new location and still ensure that the premises' garden gets the TLC that it requires to look presentable.

Use one cleaning company for the cleaning and lawn maintenance

Whilst this one-off major tidy-up and deep-clean of your premises lawn and garden features will get you off to a good start in this new property, you will need to use a commercial cleaning service, as well as a lawn maintenance service on an on-going basis, in order to maintain your premises' appearance. It's best to get one company to provide both of these services.

This will allow you to book and, when necessary, reschedule, the cleaning of your premises interior and exterior and the mowing of the property's lawn in one phone call, rather than having to make multiple calls to different companies. When you're managing a busy enterprise, it's important to make things like handling property maintenance as simple and quick as you can. Furthermore, if you use two of a company's services on a regular basis, its owner may be prepared to offer you a discount due to the amount of work you provide. This, too, could be useful, particularly as moving to new business premises can deplete your savings quite a bit.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers commercial lawn services.