A Guide for Choosing Professional Trauma Scene Cleaning Services

Poorly-cleaned accident or crime scenes in commercial facilities can do a lot of damage to a business. For instance, body fluids and tissues must be cleaned from a trauma scene to restore a premise to its pre-accident condition. However, only trauma scene clean up services can conduct a thorough cleaning exercise. Therefore, facility managers must hire trauma clean up experts who understand what it takes to deliver exceptional service. This article highlights tips for hiring trauma clean up service providers.

1. Before/After Adenosine Triphosphate Testing (ATP) 

Depending on the type of accident or crime, a trauma scene might contain different biological contaminants; for instance, most suicide scenes have human excrement. On the other hand, suicide by a gunshot leaves behind blood spatters on the floor and walls. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that all biological remains are removed during a cleaning exercise. However, it is only possible through ATP testing, where service providers scan a scene for biological remnants, such as blood. Besides, ensure that a trauma scene cleaning service uses the best ATP test system for accuracy and precision.

2. High Discretion Standards

Cleaning a crime scene is very different from removing excess dust or dirt from a business premise. It is vital to understand the distinction when choosing trauma scene cleaning services for discretion purposes. For instance, if an employee committed suicide in their office, the last thing you want is a service provider's vehicle attracting anyone's curiosity.

Therefore, avoid cleaning services whose company cars are wrapped with overly dramatic graphics and slogans. It includes vehicles wraps with bloody graphics or slogans that describe what a company deals with in detail. The best service provider to work with is one who respects your privacy in such cases, and you can tell from their discreetly marked vehicles.

3. Issues a Certificate of Treatment 

Unlike standard cleaning services, trauma scene clean up involves a strictly regulated approach. For example, blood and other body fluids pose a severe health risk if not cleaned per regulations. Therefore, trauma scene cleaning services must follow multi-stage bio-washing protocols. Besides, they issue a certificate of treatment to prove that they followed laid down rules.

Other than guaranteeing satisfaction, the document removes all liability from a property owner or facility manager. It is especially important in highly hazardous trauma scenes where contaminant remnants pose a risk to customers, employees, and the public. Therefore, only work with accredited service providers.