3 Simple Ways You Can Tell Your Leather Upholstery Need Professional Cleaning

Leather is a durable, elegant and unique material used for upholstery. When you get genuine leather items and care for them properly, they can serve you for decades. However, caring for leather needs a lot of self-education. First, understand the type of leather you are dealing with, and how it reacts to different stains and treatments. Second, check whether the leather is absorbent and the recommended cleaning materials for it. Also, it is advisable to hire professionals to clean your leather furniture and other items, as opposed to doing it by yourself.

You can use these three simple tricks to figure out if your leather upholstery needs professional cleaning.

Can You See Accumulated Dirt and Stains?

New and clean leather has a characteristic look and feel. In fact, you might be the only one that knows how your leather looked when it was new. If the colour has gotten dull over the months, and you have visible patches and stains, consider hiring a professional cleaner. 

The cleaners understand the types of stains that affect leather upholstery and the best way to remove them. They will bring the right solvents for the tough spots and remove them before cleaning the entire seat or other furniture items.

Has the Quality of Your Indoor Air Worsened?

The second clue that you need to have a professional clean your leather upholstery is the indoor air quality. When your furniture accumulates dirt, pet hair and other debris from the environment, it hangs around your home. The air conditioning system might pick up these particles and keep circulating them in the house. 

In extreme cases where the furniture has soup stains and other water damage, mould might develop, giving the whole place a musty smell. If your house no longer smells fresh, regardless of the level of air freshening you do, call a professional cleaner to scrub the leather upholstery and remove all the dirt particles.

Does Your Leather Sofa Have Pet Hair?

Pet hair on your leather is another indicator it is time to invest in professional upholstery cleaning. Vacuuming removes pet hair from the floor and carpets, but it does not work on leather. It is possible to dust the sofas and other furniture when you notice fur, but some will stick in corners, and only a professional cleaner can handle them.

Professionals know how to handle leather upholstery and remove its stains without damaging the surface. They use the right cleaning and polishing supplies to ensure your leather regains its original beauty and sheen after cleaning. For more information about leather upholstery cleaning, contact a local professional.