Two Myths About Carpet Cleaning Services

Here are some myths about carpet cleaning services.

It takes weeks for a washed carpet to dry and the room it's in to be usable

Many homeowners don't get their dirty carpets cleaned. This may be because they worry that after the cleaner washes them, they'll have to wait weeks for their carpets to dry and the rooms they're in to be usable. The truth is that the carpet cleaning machines professionals use don't simply release water into their clients' carpets and leave it there to evaporate (which would indeed take several weeks). Instead, these cleaners will suck the vast majority of the water back into their tanks after their brushes have scrubbed the soaked carpets.

This means that a carpet that's been cleaned with this machine will not be saturated afterwards, but simply damp. Whilst it is important for the homeowner to ensure they dry out their washed carpets completely (as failing to do this might make the carpet fabric mouldy or musty-smelling), this process is far easier than most people imagine.

In the warmer seasons, all a person needs to do is open their curtains and windows and let the hot sun and the warm breeze dry the carpeting. For chillier seasons, all they need to do is close the windows and use their heating systems to keep the rooms as warm as possible. In either case, the carpets will be bone-dry and ready for use within a day or two.

A homeowner can't get a room's carpets cleaned if they can't take all the furniture out

Sometimes, a person might have furniture in a room that is just too cumbersome to remove. This person might assume that because of this, they won't be able to make use of any carpet cleaning service. Although it's true that it's easier for a cleaner to wash carpets in an empty room, it is still perfectly possible for them to do this when there is furniture in it; the process simply requires a bit more effort.

For example, if a homeowner has a big sofa in a room, the cleaning service might need to move the furniture out of its usual position to wash the carpet underneath. Afterwards, they will then place the sofa on some blocks when they're done. Doing the latter will elevate the furniture and ensure that the carpet fabric below can get enough air to dry it out at the same rate as the rest of the carpet. 

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