Why Hire Self-Weighted Safety Barriers?

If you're planning a road maintenance job, then you might need to install safety barriers around the site. If you can only close off part of the road, then you should cordon off the site to protect your crew from passing traffic and to keep cars safely on the road.

While you can hire various kinds of safety barrier, you should consider self-weighted products. Why?

1. Get a Quicker Set-up

While you can hire barriers that you weigh down on site, these options can take time to install. For example, if you use barriers that use water or sand as ballast, then you have to manually fill each barrier to make it stable.

If you use self-weighted barriers, then you can set up your system a lot more easily and quickly. Once you have the barriers on site, you simply put them in place. You won't lose valuable time adding ballast because they are already weighed down.

2. Avoid Ballast Problems

If you hire barriers that need to be weighed down by ballast, then you need to have the right materials on site at the right time. For example, you'll need a water source for water-weighted products. You aren't likely to have access to running water on a road job, so you might have to ship in a water tank.

Or, if your barriers use sand or stones as ballast, then you'll need a ready supply. You might have to ship in extra materials to fill the barriers.

If you use self-weighted barriers, then you don't need to worry about adding anything to them. They have internal weights already.

3. Reduce Your Hire Costs

If you have to weigh down barriers on site, then you could end up paying more than your basic hire costs. You will spend more on making the barriers safe and stable.

For example, you might have to buy a ballast material to fill the barriers. You have to get the material to the site and then weigh each barrier down. So, you'll have extra vehicle, journey and labour costs to pay.

However, if you use self-weighted products, then you lose these additional costs. You only have to pay your hire charges. While your crew will have to set the barriers up, this shouldn't take long.

To see some examples of self-weighted barriers and to get help choosing the right products for your project, contact road maintenance equipment hire companies.

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