3 Simple Ways You Can Tell Your Leather Upholstery Need Professional Cleaning

Leather is a durable, elegant and unique material used for upholstery. When you get genuine leather items and care for them properly, they can serve you for decades. However, caring for leather needs a lot of self-education. First, understand the type of leather you are dealing with, and how it reacts to different stains and treatments. Second, check whether the leather is absorbent and the recommended cleaning materials for it. Also, it is advisable to hire professionals to clean your leather furniture and other items, as opposed to doing it by yourself. [Read More]

You Have Mould Growing in Your House? Reasons You Should Call in a Cleaning Professional to Remove It

Mould damage is one of the most devastating problems to deal with in your home. Once mould gets inside your home, it becomes a persistent problem and can even endanger your health. The damage darkens the walls with stains and leads to allergic reactions when the spores spread through the house. Some of the ways you can know that you have mould include stale and musty smells, moisture, and brown spots on the floors and the walls. [Read More]

A Guide for Choosing Professional Trauma Scene Cleaning Services

Poorly-cleaned accident or crime scenes in commercial facilities can do a lot of damage to a business. For instance, body fluids and tissues must be cleaned from a trauma scene to restore a premise to its pre-accident condition. However, only trauma scene clean up services can conduct a thorough cleaning exercise. Therefore, facility managers must hire trauma clean up experts who understand what it takes to deliver exceptional service. This article highlights tips for hiring trauma clean up service providers. [Read More]

Two tips for those who have just purchased premises with unruly, dirty gardens

If the commercial property you've just bought has an extremely messy garden, here are some tips for sorting out this section of your new property. Use a cleaning company's commercial lawn services Whipping an unruly lawn that has been ignored for many months back into shape is a very time-consuming task. When left to grow for too long, lawns will not only develop very long grass blades but can also become overrun with a wide variety of vegetation, including weeds with very tough root systems. [Read More]